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Our first and most popular bar design. This bar is available in various forms and sizes. At the bottom of the page, we have developed a simple table and color coded the three important size aspects to this bar (width, depth, and height). Now, we know the table may look confusing, but if you just take a moment, you are sure to understand the concept. We basically have (2) widths, (2) depths, and various options on height.

Model Names
The English Tavern is the name given for our full-canopy bar version. The English Tavern has also available in a simpler non-canopy version called English Tavern JRII, (ETJRII). You will notice the original name as the full design (maybe the canopy version) and any variations to be JR models. We use this naming concept throughout our entire line.

The Design
The standard English Tavern is 80″ in width (6′ 8″), 82″ in depth (6′ 10″), and 89″ in height (7′ 5″). There is also a larger 96″ width available, a reduced depth model, and various height possibilities, in addition to the standard size. This gives the customer a fairly broad range of size options to fit their requirements.

The inside height from floor to the top of the canopy is 79″ (7′ 5″)….this includes the standard canopy and the SG Stained Glass Canopy (an option). Therefore, this model is well-suited for most height requirements.
Other people have copied this design over the years. Yet, keep in mind, if this bar was not purchased here, it is not our bar. You will see many variations of the design – different poles, sizes, proportions, angles, options, and stain/finish colors. Again, our quality and their quality are not the same.
There are four main www.koudaishangou.components to the bar. Each www.koudaishangou.component arrives boxed and ready for assembly in your home. The assembly is rather simple, as illustrated above. A simple manual is included that will discuss installation tips.

The Construction
We use only solid wood in our construction. There is no particleboard, OSB, or funny wood. We’ve recently started using choice veneers on various inside pieces. We did this not so much as a cost issue, but quality and speed concern. We use no veneers on any exterior wood pieces. The veneers amount to filler and inside pieces. The veneers make-up less than 5% of the bar construction. Technically speaking, veneers (plywood) is still deemed solid wood. Therefore, solid wood can still be used in terminology. The use of veneers is an upgrade in our bar construction in various ways.

The back has one large heavy beveled mirror, two smaller upper right and left arched mirrors, and two smaller lower right and left mirrors.

We use all mortise and tendon construction (machine, not handmade – new since 2005). We use side-block reinforced edges. Our frame is stouter and the bar is solid. We use spaceballs in our wood panels (new for 2006). The dovetail drawer was recently upgraded (new for 2006). We’ve added additional canopy mouldings (new in 2006). Since 2002, our improvements have yielded a far superior bar than even our original design.

All-in-all, our construction is well-built. The money you spend with us goes in the bar and pays for the additional features and quality you’d expect when dealing direct with the manufacture.

Size of our bar
Our bar is built bigger and uses about 25% more materials (than most of our www.koudaishangou.competitor’s). Yes, the design may be copied, but the size in height and depth are proportionally smaller….resulting in far less material than you can imagine. If you are seriously looking at a copied ET design, pay attention to the dimensions and view the photographs carefully.

In some cases, you may want/need the smaller size. Unfortunately, we do not sell the smaller size. If you need the smaller size, there are people on ebay/internet that sell the smaller size.

Our Finish
Truthfully, this is one of our best selling points. We use an industry poly finish with a multi-coat sealer. There are no shortcuts in the finish. We blend a special topcoat at the chemical plant for our finishes.

We get the question often, “how does your finish hold-up to water stains”…..and to answer that question, we decided to hold an experiment. Poly finish durability test results.

Each bar is sanded (3) times before the stain is applied…..and (2) additional times during the finishing process (between sealing coats)…..and a final 1000/3000 grit. We’re not saying we have the best finish in the world, but it is good….far superior than most importers in our area. We also know we are one of the 15% or so export factories using a poly finish (per the chemical plant). If you want melamine, laquer (NC), or a general wax finish, you’ll get that with the general importer quality bars.

One last note, our finishing raw material runs 100% higher than www.koudaishangou.comparable melamine or NC sealer or topcoat finishing. The difference might be minor to the eye, but it’s the materials that ultimately decides the longevity of the topcoat.

Our finishing gets better each year. If you expect a piece of Herndon furniture, that’s not us. Yet, we make every attempt to provide a durable and quality finish. In addition, our website has over 2000 photographs of past bar shipments for review. Judge for yourself…….you won’t find any glamour shots here…..just serious, straight-forward, photographs.

Also, new in 2006 is our HISTORIC finish in all 3 base coats (Danbury Brown, Rockford Rust, and Essex Brown). This finish resembles more of an antique look with weathered and highlighted features.

The FRONT Interior
Since the beginning, our front interior design has changed over the years. In 2005-2007, we allowed fully customized interiors (option). This proved problematic and slowed our construction considerably. Therefore, when viewing the past photographs, please realize some interior options are not available. Yet, we have condensed the basic requests into (2) front interior options – Type A and Type B.

Type A (standard)
The English Tavern www.koudaishangou.comes standard with a versatile configuration in Type A. It contains two dovetail drawers in the center and right and left are flanked with a new open shelf system. The middle interior has room for a www.koudaishangou.compact frig unit and/or a trash unit or a www.koudaishangou.combination of both. Yes, you could install (2) frig/wine units if desired. The drawers of the English Tavern are 5/8″ solid wood and feature no plastic or metal drawer glides. The drawer system is www.koudaishangou.completely free-flowing….there is no tacky white KV plastic side-runners (like kitchen cabinets). You will find this gross addition in many of our www.koudaishangou.competitor’s bars.

The thumbnail to the right shows a wine frig and a trash bin (+$99). The adjustable shelves may be removed at any time and the frig/wine units installed. The trash bin must be ordered with your bar. It is not an add-on feature for later.

The interior of the Type A 96″ English Tavern is slightly different due to its additional 18″ in width.

Click Here for a picture of the STANDARD 2007 96″ model front interior.

Click this link to read more about your frig options relating to the STANDARD ET Interior.

Type B (option upgrade)
In this upgraded configuration, the English Tavern may acwww.koudaishangou.commodate a full-size under-counter refrigerator/wine unit….in the most www.koudaishangou.common size of 24″. In addition, the front has (4) dovetail drawers versus the standard (2). It is possible to use some keganator units in this configuration.

The interior of the Type B 96″ English Tavern features the appliance location in the center.

The Front Poles
Although we originally planned this as an option, we are now including this feature standard in our English Tavern design. For over 5 years, we listened to customers ask what is the best way to run the electric to the front piece……and each year, we offered no solution. The reality was the customer needed to use a rug or pre-wire access ahead of time.

Therefore, new to 2007 also includes (1) of the two large poles to have an electrical channel running down the center of the pole. Therefore, this allows you easier access to run the wiring from the back, through the canopy, down the pole, and into the front section. Thus, we’ve solved your electrical problem. Wiring not included.

All bars from 07-08 do not have the conduit pole. It was a requested item as we integrated its use into production. Therefore, in-stock bars may not have this feature.

The BACK Interior
The lower back of the English Tavern has four dovetail drawer units running along the top edge (five in the ET96″). The entire lower section is open with adjustable shelves. We no longer offer doors on either the front or back. You will see past shipments with doors, but this is currently not an option.

The back is only 16″ in depth and does not acwww.koudaishangou.commodate an under-counter appliance. If you wish to use a full-height under-counter appliance, then you must choose the TYPE B front interior option. A full-height under-counter appliance is typically 34″ in height, 23-24″ in depth, and 18-24″ in width.

Sink Options
Over the years, we’ve sold various sink options – marble, different designs, one-of-kind styles. Yet, currently offered is a standard 10″ copper bowl that is custom made for the reduced depth of the English Tavern. Although the back is 16″, the sink area is limited due to the front overhang, frame, and back wall. This restricts the size of the ET sink bowl. We custom craft the sink to fit in this limited area. It is possible to use another manufacture’s sink….but few manufactures make such a small bowl. The standard 15″x15″ bar sink will not fit.

The ET80 allows the sink to be installed in either the right or left side (no center). The ET96 allows the sink to be installed in either the right, left, or center. We do not drill for the faucet. This can be easily handled with any experienced carpenter.

Tabletop Options (new profile design for 2007)
As of 2008, we no longer offer the English Tavern with marble or granite. The option is popular, but with continued streamlining and costs considerations, we have temporarily suspended its availability. In place of its deletion is a new inlay veneer wood tabletop.

The bar www.koudaishangou.comes standard with a mahogany inlay veneer wood tabletop.

We also introduced a new tabletop profile in late 2006. The new profile is a more defined moulding lip. The thickness did not change. Our top is still 3cm www.koudaishangou.compared to others 1.2cm to 1.8cm. Bang your fist down on our top and bang your fist on their top. After the lips are installed and profile cut, the overall thickness is 6cm. The difference in ours and theirs is a 3cm top and 3cm lip versus a 1.5cm top and 4.5cm lip.

Why settle for cheap tabletop construction when the tabletop is the most used and abused part of the bar? In addition, our tabletops have an additional PU coat to withstand years of liquid abuse. Review our durability test for a full discussion on this.

The Canopy
The English Tavern www.koudaishangou.comes standard with a wood canopy. The inside of the canopy features (2) areas to hold stem glasses. The stem glass rack will hold up to 40 glasses per side for a total of around 80. The inside of the canopy also features various locations for stained glass (an option). We offer a stained glass package or you can purchase from your local shop – either way the ET is ready for stained glass if desired. Every English Tavern www.koudaishangou.comes with the ability for stained glass – this is not an option.

In addition, we also offer an upgraded canopy called our Stained Glass canopy that features ‘forward-facing’ stained glass. This does increase the height by 3″ – to 92″.

If access is needed in the canopy, the upper panels can be unscrewed for total canopy access. This is sometimes needed to run canopy lighting or fish electrical through the space.

And for hardware, we use only high-quality solid brass handles that are 96mm – not the standard 3″. The handle is full-cast too. None of that solid front and hollow back handle stuff.
Some others might advertise solid brass, but it is low-quality local junk that doesn’t match in proportion or style. It is an absolute joke what some importers pass for hardware. If such items as hardware are so obviously ignored, it is clear that attention to construction, quality, and minor details are blatantly ignored.

Enjoying your English Tavern
When quality matters and you expect your dollar to buy value, the English Tavern is a clear choice among the www.koudaishangou.competitor’s. When attention to detail and the little things make a difference, the English Tavern is your only choice. Order an English Tavern today or check our limited in-stock selection for a bar ready-to-ship immediately. And remember, the Pontiac Fiero was a cute car…..but it was no Ferrari.

The English Tavern does present problems in hard to maneuver locations. The canopy is the biggest obstacle with the ET design. It moves in the upright position and fits through a standard door by lifting and tilting. The front piece can easily fit through most doors. If you have a new house and standard 32″-36″ doors, you are ok with most issues. Direct basement or room access rarely pose problems. In addition, if you are going down stairs, the wall at the bottom of the stairs may present problems on the turn. Please pay careful attention to your specific installation ‘path’ from the garage/other to your ultimate destination.
We are not responsible for your installation issues.

click the ? symbol in the DESIGN YOUR BAR cart above for a more detailed description

SG Stained Glass Canopy (optional)
The English Tavern is also available with an optional Stained Glass Special Canopy. In this concept, the canopy is larger in height and www.koudaishangou.comes with forward-facing stained glass. Currently, we are not www.koudaishangou.complicating the stained glass design and only offering it in a tudor-style diamond pattern. The diamonds are available in either blue, red, or green diamonds. The outside border is wrapped in yellow with the inset being opaque clear white. The default diamond color is blue – if not specified by the customer. The forward-facing stained glass is included in the SG Special Canopy up-charge. The underneath stained glass is not included (and can be purchased separately).

Underneath Stained Glass (optional)
The English Tavern does not www.koudaishangou.come standard with underneath stained glass. This is an optional feature. Yet, all the English Tavern bar canopies have the lip for stained glass. Therefore, you can add stained glass at a later date, if you so choose. The lip size is roughly 1/4″.

Again, we have kept the SG option rather simple and just offering the pattern as a simple tudor-style diamond pattern (level 1 under options). Eventually, we will offer more www.koudaishangou.complicated patterns. The JRII www.koudaishangou.comes with its full stained glass package (as described in its description).

Please keep in mind that the past pictures do not reflect the current production interiors.

Key Highlights

FREIGHT DAMAGED – REDUCED PRICE. This 80″ bar was damaged in shipping.

The bar is in relatively good shape for ‘damage’. This bar had a brown marble top and both pieces – front and back were cracked. Upon return to our store, the tabletop cracked beyond repair. We constructed a new WOOD TABLETOP recently – front and back. The tabletop arrived in November 2009. It technically drops down over the frame, but since it is made tight due to the lips of the moulding being attached to the tabletop (not the frame), it needs to be routed/sanded/finessed into place. This will require 1-3 hours of work. We will not do……this is a handyman special and if you can’t position and wiggle a top down over a frame, then you need to buy a new bar.

There is some other minor damage due to the return, but all-in-all, this bar is an easy repair. The price was $6798….and the damaged price is $2990.

The pictures posted show the bar before freight damage. We have included ONE PIC of the back bar (with damage). You can see how the marble shattered and is absent from the pic. This is probably the worst of the damage (the back frame)….and is relatively in good shape. If you don’t agree this back looks in good shape, then you shouldn’t buy this bar. There is very little/if no structural damage.

Canopy – little damage (still in box)
Upper Back – little to no damage (still in foam) – No glass broken
Front – busted marble pieces caused some touch-up areas inside and around exterior – little to no structural damage
Lower Back – busted marble pieces caused some touch-up areas inside and around exterior. No cracked wood, but some clamping and gluing will be needed. Trim is off 1 or more of the drawers – yet intact….needs to be pin nailed again. Will assemble fine once the work is www.koudaishangou.completed.

We rewww.koudaishangou.commend anyone interested in purchasing this bar to visit and review personally. As we know this is very unlikely, we accept no responsibility after sold for descriptions and +/- damage. We have tried to be as accurate as possible without www.koudaishangou.completely opening and assembling the bar. The exterior boxes are destroyed or gone and some of the plastic and furniture wrap still exists. It looks rough, but is well protected. The instapak foam is still protecting all pieces – front, back, canopy are all in foam.

This is a great project for someone with basic carpentry skills. This does not require a master woodworker, but does require more than a hammer and ambition. If by spring 2010 this is not sold, we will repair and use as a display model.

Dimensions/Tech Specs/PDF Downloads

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